What is Heartful Movement?

Heartful Movement is best described as a mindful mixed movement practice.
Inspired by the feeling of flow, we aim to recreate this experience, allowing the mind to quiet and the senses to awaken. We do this through using a variety of functional movements to open, stretch, strengthen and stabilise our bodies.

Why Movement?

Through intention and awareness, our movement has the power to expand our experience of self.

Movement liberates our mind, body & soul, and allows energy to flow creatively and instinctively.
This is unique to each of us, and something I am very passionate about.

The classes at Heartful Movement encourage you to expand your understanding of your body. Focusing on maintaining a level of skill and grace throughout movement transitions we instinctively become more present, relaxed and free. We quiet the mind and tune into our senses instead.

What Do We Actually Do?

In each class we transition through various low impact bodyweight exercises, our focus is on our fluidity and ease of movement while listening to what the body is craving. Each individual can take the movement as far as their body needs, with varying ranges of motion. We incorporate movements that open up the mobility and flexibility of the body. We also include balance and proprioceptive movements to challenge our stability and motor neurone skills which helps to prepare us for when we need to be adaptable in our environment, which is everyday! A good mover has many options to responsively act within their environment, our goal is to become better balanced in mind, body and soul.