4 Ways To Stay Consistent With Your Workout!

4 Ways To Stay Consistent With Your Workout!

Some blog posts are definitely worth a re-post, and this one of them, courtesy of myfitnesspal.com

A brief overview of the article determines these 4 ways to stay consistent with your workout:

1. Give yourself a daily challenge

2. Sign up for an event or competition

3. Track your sessions

4. Refresh your playlist!

All these methods are really simple and effective, in fact you’ll probably be doing a couple of them anyway.

Personally, I find the key to consistency is motivation, so using these methods you have 4 easy ways to stay motivated.

Number 1, Challenges are where our improvements are made, there is no point in doing the same thing day in day out, mix it up and gradually make it more intense or have less recovery time.

Number 2, Why not throw in a competition! Not all competitions have to be scary, a lot of climbing walls will have friendly comps so just grab a card and give it a go, what have you got to loose?! You may even find that you are really impressed with your performance under competition circumstances.

Number 3, I find tracking sessions a particularly useful tool to staying motivated, for climbing when I look back and see something that I couldn’t hold, and 3/4 sessions down the line I’m getting it then I start to look to the future and see how much more progress can be made.

Number 4, Choosing music that inspires you can really give you the kick up the butt you need some days. Learning to listen to your body and knowing when to take a break is important, but it’s not every day that you feel a little bit tired or down. So chuck your kit in the car, put those tunes on REALLY LOUD and I bet by the time you get to the wall or gym you’ll feel much more motivated to push on!

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